Lowcountry Boil is native to the South East and specifically the Lowcountry barrier islands.  It's a crowd pleaser; easy to share traditional family get-together meal that's great for large parties and people of all ages. It is a fabulous main dish that can be added on to easily and makes for a great Sunday afternoon or late lunch/early dinner any day of the week.

Basic Lowcounty Boil = Sausage, shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob with cajun-style spices and citrus seasoning.  Add on items can include:  Okra, crab, whitefish or any other special requests.   

Accompany your Lowcountry Boil with home made pimento cheese and crackers cornbread, a salad and dessert of your choice. (Available for ala carte purchase soon!)
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