About Chef Madeline Tucker:

As a local girl, Madeline has come to cherish sharing the secrets of her kitchen with guests from near and far. She has formal training at both culinary school, and attending High Mowing Waldorf School, in New Hampshire, where students work in the school garden and learn to appreciate the value of organic and biodynamiclly grown food served in their cafeteria.  These experiences combined with her wholesome Lowcountry upbringing have resulted in her ability to offer high quality regionally inspired and health conscious personalized dining options.


Madeline boasts over half a decade of prep experience, restaurant management, and menu development focused on vegetarian and farm to table cuisine. She mainly uses locally grown and sourced products that make every dish that much more savory and tasteful. By leveraging the accesibility of locally caught seafood, harvests of her marshside garden, home made sundries and condiments, Madeline fills your dining experience with a full spectrum culinary adventure that offers something for every palate.


Madeline is also a child and dog friendly chef.

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