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Meet Madeline:
Your Lowcountry Chef

Madeline, a true Southern belle, has cultivated her culinary craft right here in the heart of the Lowcountry. With a diploma from the Culinary Institute of the South, she’s armed with more than just recipes; she’s got a pinch of hospitality and a dash of homegrown wisdom.

Her journey began at High Mowing Waldorf School in New Hampshire, where she learned to appreciate the value of organic and locally sourced ingredients. Imagine plucking sun-ripened tomatoes from the school garden and savoring them in the cozy dining hall—pure comfort, y’all.

Madeline’s kitchen dance isn’t just about technique; it’s about flavor. She specializes in vegetarian and farm-to-table cuisine, using ingredients that practically hum with freshness. Picture plates adorned with locally caught seafood, herbs from her marshside garden, and homemade condiments. It’s a symphony of taste, harmonizing with every palate.

And guess what? Madeline’s not just a chef; she’s a friend to kids and pups alike. So bring your little ones and your furry companions—there’s a warm seat at her table for everyone.

Hungry yet? Madeline’s got a feast waiting, and it’s as comforting as a porch swing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

BOIL PEOPLE SeedToSpoonsWeb-505.jpg
BRUNCH PEOPLE SeedToSpoonsWeb-213.jpg
PASTA MADELINE SeedToSpoonsWeb-389.jpg
PASTA MADELINE SeedToSpoonsWeb-393.jpg
"Madeline and her team cooked an amazing dinner for 11 people, and we were blown away! Such a great time and lasting memories. Highly recommend for any occasion."

Matt J.

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